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Hi there.

As you review the work in my portfolio, you'll get a good sense of who I am. — A bit of a Klutz. Proudly. For much of my adult life I've been immersed in the world of Klutz books, developing products that teach kids to make stuff with their actual hands. (What a concept.) My years at Klutz have allowed me to combine my love of writing, drawing, designing, art directing, and collaborating. We all strived to make wonderful things and be good. Which we did, over and over again.

Beyond Klutz, I have worked in the toy Industry as a character designer and art director. (Can you say Koosh Ball?) I'm also a seasoned presenter, improviser, actor and musician. If you see a gentleman who looks a lot like me using the name Michael Schoolcraft, he is me. (Schoolcraft is a name induced by the Screen Actors Guild. Michael Sherman was unavailable. As was my second choice, George Clooney. And third choice... Sophia Loren.) 

You can see my dynamic musical duo with fellow Michael, Mike Murray by clicking here:

CONTACT INFO: michael_sherman@rocketmail.com