They all laughed...


They all laughed. Good.

That was the plan. At Klutz Books I was able to combine bold imagery, vibrant color and dynamic typography with the best of all communication tools — humor.  Humor is the best ice breaker, the best teacher, and the best remember-er (?). Unforgettable-er (?) Best way to be remembered. You get it... Let's move on. 

The work shown here demonstrates my diverse abilities as a creative "swiss-army knife." I write, design, art direct, illustrate, and invent. As Klutz's Creative Director, I was privileged to lead a fantastic team of very talented people. We all strived to make wonderful things and be good. We did —over and over again. 

Beyond Klutz, I have worked in the toy industry as a character designer and art director. (Can you say Koosh Ball?) I'm also a seasoned presenter, improviser, actor and musician. If you see a gentleman who looks a lot like me using the name Michael Schoolcraft, he is me. (Schoolcraft is a family name put into use by the Screen Actors Guild. Michael Sherman was unavailable. As was my second choice, George Clooney. And third choice... Sophia Loren.)